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Casa Bonita surprises locals and strangers.

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A nice stay

Casa Bonita Hotel & Luxury Residence

The restaurant “Estrella de Mar” from the hotel boasts dishes that hold the flag of international haute cuisine, such as French boeuf bourguignon, garlic noodles with lobster tail or lacquered duck. But definitely, the ones that stand out are those that merge with elements of Oaxacan cuisine, such as duck breast with fig sauce and red mole; the pork fillet with quince sauce and stewed mole; and the beef carpaccio with grasshopper sauce and mezcal.

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Casa Bonita and Mansion Maria

Luxury lodging in Oaxaca

Visiting Oaxaca is a guarantee of soaking up in our culture, traditions and exquisite gastronomy. On this occasion, the Robb Report Mexico team learned about two proposals, where staying is a sensory experience.

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Mansion Maria in Oaxaca

The privacy and luxury you have been waiting for

Oaxaca is one of the trendiest places to visit in the entire country, a gastronomic and cultural paradise in which every corner has a special charm. It is a city where we never finish visiting its galleries and appreciating the art of the region, the variety of works oscillates between the modern and the Oaxacan cultural tradition. There is something for every style, but all with a unique magic that lives in the hearts of the people of this incredible state.

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Mansion Maria Luxury Residence by Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita Hotel Boutique & Spa presents Mansión María, a new and luxurious option to have the perfect vacation. With five awe-inspiring room options available, including an elegant Master Suite with jacuzzi, each are beautifully appointed with marble finishings and are carefully designed with relaxation in mind. This exclusive residence not only offers privacy and sophistication, but the professional on-site team ensures the highest level of enjoyment and comfort.

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“Mansión María” inaugurates the new star of “Casa Bonita Hotel Boutique & Spa”

With five beautiful rooms designed for the comfort of the most demanding guests, two of them with jacuzzi, heated pool, bar area, kitchen, dining, room for 14 people, living room, terraces and gardens, this is what the new star of Casa Bonita offers. Hotel & Luxury Residence, «Mansión María»

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A house converted into a hotel, or a hotel where you feel at home, Casa Bonita Hotel & Luxury Residence immerses us in the rich culture of Oaxaca. The quality and warmth that characterize it have made it the only luxury boutique hotel in Oaxaca to have received two high-level international awards.

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